Zamani Law

Zamani Law

Toronto, Ontario


Zamani Law is a criminal justice attorney currently operating in Toronto, Ontario. You may learn more information about the business at the Zamani Law website.

About Zamani Law

Zamani Law is a criminal defence lawyer in Brampton, Ontario. A criminal offence is a serious situation that requires an expert's help. Zamani Law is very experienced and has helped many clients successfully in the past.

The law firm is passionate about helping its clients and advising them regarding their best options. They speak to clients in a way that the client can understand.

Legal Specialties

Zamani Law can help clients when it comes to fighting criminal charges and assisting with bail hearings. This is a critical initial step when a person has been charged. When you have been arrested for an alleged crime, you may be released until further investigations occur.

Sometimes, you are held in custody for 24 hours before your bail hearing. You will need an experienced criminal defence lawyer to help you.


The Zamani Law business is located at 121 Richmond St W #1100, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2K1 in Canada.

Contact Information

Phone (647) 578-8054
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