Tembo Financial Inc.

Tembo Financial

North York, Ontario


Tembo Financial is a financial institution currently operating in North York, Ontario. You may learn more information about the business at the Tembo Financial website.


Tembo Financial is a mortgage lender and financial services company. They are licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Based in North York, they offer helpful and unique financial solutions to their customers. They have gained a great reputation for their customer service and offer clients sound financial advice.


When making an application with Tembo Financial, there are certain documents that will be required. For example, personal information such as a driver's license and a void cheque will be required.

Documents related to the property such as a listing agreement, a purchase & sale agreement, current mortgage statement and other applicable documents will need to be produced. In most cases, they will not do a credit check, however, occasionally, a credit check may be performed.

Equity Advances

If you need to apply for an advance on your equity, Tembo Financial is the right company to help you. It is possible to get the funds within 48 hours, once your application is received. The good news is, most of the time, a credit check or an appraisal is not needed.

There are certain stipulations; for example, a firm purchase and sale agreement on your property must be signed and listed for sale. The good thing with Tembo Financial is that you can have funds within 48 hours, thus reducing the wait time, otherwise, you would have to wait until the sale of your property to receive funds.

Contact Information

Tembo Financial has very good relationships with real estate brokerages. With their advice, you could even increase the sale of your home. Contact Tembo Financial by submitting a form from their official website or send an email to info@tembofinancial.com. You can also call them at +1 (844) 238 6717.


The Tembo Financial business is located at 265 Rimrock Rd, Suite 202, North York, Ontario M3J 3C6 in Canada.

Contact Information

Phone (844) 238-6717
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