Synerion North America Inc.


Mississauga, Ontario


Synerion is a software company currently operating in Mississauga, Ontario. You may learn more information about the business at the Synerion website.

About Synerion

Synerion is a workforce management software company for large and small businesses. Some of Synerion's specialties include scheduling, job costing, absence planning, workforce management, human resources, biometrics, human capital management, data collection, software, and time & attendance.

The company's award-winning software is used by major companies such as Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Telus, Tim Hortons and many more.

Interface & Reporting

When managing a large workforce, it can get difficult to sift through so much information unless the right tools are used. Synerion offers a customizable dashboard that allows the user to get to the most important aspects and practical details that is important or relevant.

It is designed to be user-friendly. You can build your very own custom views or choose popular reports and simply drag and drop them into your dashboard. You can track performances, progress and use other options to view the data, such as weekly, monthly, etc.


The Synerion business is located at 7420 Airport Rd, Mississauga, Ontario L4T 4E5 in Canada.

Contact Information

Phone (905) 677-7009
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