North York, Ontario


RedWheels is a tire shop currently operating in North York, Ontario. You may learn more information about the business at the RedWheels website.

About RedWheels

RedWheels is a Canadian company that sells car tires online. They offer customers a large selection of tires, including some famous and popular brands.

RedWheels sells car tires online. This Canadian company is located in North York. The company was started by two brothers who are extremely passionate about anything to do with cars, with tires being their main specialty. They offer competitive prices and also some great deals, allowing customers to save their money when they purchase new tires.

Buy Tires Online

Ordering tires from them is really simple. Their website has a database of tires with various sizes and all kinds of brands. The customer has to input some information such as size, diameter and width. They can choose from summer or winter tires or even all-season tires.

Shopping on the RedWheels website is both safe and secure, so customers can feel at ease. To learn more about the company's offers, or if you have any questions, call 416-631-7777 or send them an email at

Car Tires Delivery

RedWheels makes it convenient for customers to order online. Once the customer has placed their order, they can receive their tires directly to their door or even at their office.

Everything can be done from the comfort of your home. It is easy to search the database and they have a large selection of quality tires to choose from.

Car Tire Brands

Some of the tires RedWheels offers include famous names such as Michelin and Bridgestone. Their selection also includes familiar brands that you may recognize, including Good Year, Pirelli, Firestone and Dunlop.

In addition, RedWheels offers tires made by Uniroyal, Falken Tires, and Nexen Tires. You can also choose between tires from Toyo Tires, Yokohama, Continental, Hankook, Coopertires, West Lake Tires, Sailun and many more brands.


The RedWheels business is located at 37 Kodiak Crescent, Unit 16, North York, Ontario M3J 3E5 in Canada.

Contact Information

Phone (416) 631-7777
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