Camp White Pine Summer Camps

Camp White Pine

Toronto, Ontario


Camp White Pine is a summer camp currently operating in Toronto, Ontario. You may learn more information about the business at the Camp White Pine website.

Life at Camp White Pine

A typical day at Camp White Pine are structured yet enjoyable. This provides your child with the opportunity to learn responsibility while still having a great time participating in sports, activities, and excursions.

On sunny days, your child will also have the opportunity to participate in many water activities that many children do not have exposure to, especially ones from urban areas. These include swimming, sailing, waterskiing, fishing, canoeing, wakeboarding, and kayaking. Sports played at camp include tennis, soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, and beach volleyball.


Your child will begin his/her day by waking up at 8am and meeting in the dining hall for breakfast at 8:30am. After eating, campers and staff return to their respective cabins for cleanup time where they will make their beds, clean their assigned shelves, take out recycling, and tidy up.

After cleanup, each Section Head shares each cabin’s schedule, any special programs, and important announcements with all the campers and staff.

Afternoons & Evenings

The rest of the day is spent participating in an activity with your child’s cabin group then he/she gets to choose an activity of his/her choice.

After lunch, rest hour takes place before your child participates in activities with their cabin group. Before dinner, your child has the choice of swimming playing tennis, or a glass activity. After dinner at the dining hall comes an evening program followed by bedtime.

More Information

For more information about Camp White Pine and what it can offer your child, inquiries can be made at the camp’s head office in Toronto.

Brochures can be requested by completing the online form on the camp’s website.


The Camp White Pine business is located at 40 Lawrence Ave W, Toronto, Ontario M5M 1A4 in Canada.

Contact Information

Phone (416) 322-6250
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