Tiziana Aiello

Montreal, Quebec


Tiziana Aiello is an immigration attorney currently operating in Montreal, Quebec. You may learn more information about the business at the Tiziana Aiello website.


Tiziana Aiello attended the University of Ottawa and obtained degrees in Civil Law and Common Law. Her ability to speak English, French, and Italian has allowed her to help many clients in the language that they are fluent in.

Tiziana is a member of the Ontario and Canada Bar Associations, the the Law Society of Upper Canada, Barreau du Quebec, and Association Quebecoise des Avocats et Avocates en Droit de l'Immigration. The law office of Tiziana Aiello is able to assist clients with citizenship and immigration applications as well as any appeals following denials of entry received by clients.

Canada Immigration

Tiziana Aiello can assist with applications regarding entry into Canada, which are separated into two categories: temporary visas and permanent immigration. Temporary visas include visitor visas for people who are not citizens of countries exempt from having to obtain one, study permits for students, and work permits for temporary skilled workers.

Permanent immigration applications include ones for students or workers who already have experience studying or working in Canada, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and family sponsorship.

Quebec Immigration

Quebec maintains their own immigration guidelines for skilled workers as part of an agreement with the federal government of Canada. The PEQ-Quebec Experience Program is an accelerated program for graduates of Quebec education institutions and temporary workers.

The Regular Selection program assesses applicants based on a points system. Applicants earn points based on established criteria.

Legal Expertise

Immigration Is an important task as it could mean the difference between staying in your home country and struggling to make ends meet and being successful. Since you probably have never been through the process before, you need all the help you can get. This is where Tiziana Aiello’s Canadian immigration expertise comes in.

An immigration lawyer is skilled in completing all documentation needed for your application. Tiziana Aiello’s team will ensure everything Citizenship and Immigration Canada needs to make a decision is enclosed. In the event of a rejected application, Tiziana Aiello can review the decision and help you develop an effective appeal.


The Tiziana Aiello business is located at 410 Rue Saint Nicolas #236, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2P5 in Canada.

Contact Information

Phone (514) 270-2888