Regal Bicycles

Toronto, Ontario


Regal Bicycles is a bicycle shop currently operating in Toronto, Ontario. You may learn more information about the business at the Regal Bicycles website.


Regal Bicycles is an online retailer of single speed bicycles and fixed gear bicycles. Based out of Toronto, the company strive to provide attractive, affordable, reliable, good quality fixed gear bicycles for the urban cyclist.


Since Regal Bicycles has low overhead costs, they are able to offer bicycles at extremely affordable prices. Customers are also able to save because Regal Bicycles sells straight to them, avoiding costs associated with the involvement of other parties.

Regal Bicycles ships across Canada and delivery is free, fast, and comes with everything you need to start enjoying your new bicycle right away.


Regal Bicycles can be reached by completing the form on their website or calling (416) 768-5416. For news and updates, you can follow Regal Bicycles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


The Regal Bicycles business is located at Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Contact Information

Phone (416) 768-5416